Dull Kitchen Granite

We receive an average of two calls each month from homeowners who installed granite and are not happy that it now looks dull. We have found two things over the years that usually dull the granite surface: normal air pollution and excessive sealer that dried on the surface. Many homeowners apply too much sealer on granite and they let some of it dry before they wipe it away. This creates a haze that can create rings from beverages (even water) interacting with the residual sealer.

We were called by Krissy from Hartland, WI because she wasn’t happy with the look of the 8 year old granite countertops in her kitchen. She sent us pictures of dull spots on her black granite countertop which were caused by spilled drinks. This was an obvious sign that there was excess sealer sitting on the surface.

We worked with Krissy to schedule the job around her busy schedule. Once we arrived, it only took a few hours to remove the excess sealer and have her countertops and kitchen looking brand new. We were also able to show Krissy how to test her granite to see if it needs sealer in the future. Now Krissy doesn’t have to worry about dull spots on her countertop anymore.

Read about applying sealer on our FAQ page and call us to have YOUR granite looking great again