My Marble Floor is Scratched. Now what?

Marble floors scratch whether it be from tiny little pebbles being stepped on without one even knowing, or from a heavy object being dragged over it. We usually see floors that have many little scratches accumulated over time. The scratches each change the shine of the floor because it changes the way an image reflects off of it. A perfectly restored floor is very flat so the reflection is true—and it looks spectacular.

We received a call from Judith from Mequon, she heard about us from a friend of hers we helped. Her rather large foyer was scratched from years of traffic. We proposed the details of the restoration which included cleaning the grout and restoring the stone by running a series of diamond impregnated pads under a marble machine followed by a polish. She contracted us to do the work and, after two days of work, her foyer floor was smooth and had a great reflection.

We left her with a detailed set of instructions how to best maintain that floor. The best thing anyone can do to protect their marble floors is to dry dust mop them on a regular basis, depending on the traffic. In a residence that’s once or twice a week unless you have a lot of pebbles outside your door and have a much higher chance of bringing in debris that can create damage. If you keep your floors clean they will look great for a much longer time!